When you start a day off with the mail delivering this how can you go wrong? Had to get some more of the wonderful Katie Jump Rope (and more) for a commissioned quilt and magically some other lovely (mostly pink) fabric snuck into the order... how did that happen?!?

New Fabric!

I'm making lots of progress here... Just have to hand stitch down the binding now!

What A Bunch of Squares being quiltedWhat A Bunch of Squares Progress

I just realized that the fabric I mentioned is designed by Denyse Schmidt, and the pattern of this quilt is too.  Gee - think I'm a fan??

And to wrap up this post, I'd just like to say how wonderful this whole community is. I know that this is not news, but I started my blog so recently and to have so many lovely people say such nice things to me right off the bat is really so so wonderful. It makes me happy! So thank you!!