Continued Success!

That's what we're having with the MQG!  Another great meeting of the Los Angeles branch on Monday night.  We were lucky enough to have Ashley, from Film in the Fridge visit us and it was great to meet her.  Ashley and I have been bloggy friends for a couple of years now so it was really wonderful to chit chat in person!


Our show & tells are always fun, but this time around there was a really amazing quilt shown. Eliza bought this quilt on ebay and if you look closely (you can click through to flickr to see it bigger) it's ALL little yoyos! Seriously so, so beautiful. She bought it from someone in Louisiana who was an African-American quilt collector. That's all that she knows about it, but she is so lucky to own it! The quilter who made this would be so happy to know how loved her amazing quilt is.


Lots more photos of the meeting (all taken by Emily) here!