Hexagon quilt is finished!

All done!

Hexagon Baby Quilt

It measures 40" x 40" - perfect for a baby quilt.

Hexagon Baby Quilt

I used the 4.5" template from here. After sewing together the columns of hexagons, I off set them so that the color hexagons would be surrounded in white half hexagons.

Then, being inspired by this and this, I gave "pebble" quilting a shot. I'm super happy with the results!

Hexagon Baby Quilt - Quilting Detail

I think that it works well on a really simple quilt pattern, like this one, but would overwhelm a quilt top that is more involved. I do love it though and I'm certain to do it more on other quilts that I think it'll work on.

Hexagon Baby Quilt - quilting detail

Boy does it use a lot of thread... 11 bobbins for this little baby quilt!