Some weekend sewing...

For the first time in I can't remember how long, I actually have more than one quilt going at a time! Mostly that means that I'm working on blocks for more than one quilt. First of all, I got this top all finished. I need to run to the store for some solids before I get to the back.

Charity Quilt top

I have two cats. Notice that it's always the same cat in the way of my pics... She's clearly more interested in my sewing than the other.

And I've gotten some blocks going for two different quilts. First from the fabrics I had pulled:

Fall quilt blocks

Fall comes very, very late here in LA so it's taken me a while to feel inspired by these colors but I finally have been! This is my absolute favorite way to make blocks. Just mix and match fabric and make the blocks one at a time with little regard for cutting and measuring. It feels so free and easy and like you can really take your time just enjoying the fabric and the design process. We'll see what these turn into but I'll be enjoying it meanwhile!

And lastly, I got started on some simple blocks for a new baby girl quilt. Some relatively traditional parents for this one so I'm not going to be too wild or out there. So far it's kinda boring to me but I'll mix and match the fabric with the rest of the blocks so hopefully it will liven up a bit.

Nicky & Bob's quilt blocks

Lastly a question for you avid quilters out there... I've decided that it's time to buy both batting (Warm & Natural) and ivory solid fabric (Kona cotton) in bulk. Anyone have an suggestions on where to get it, other than Joann's with my 40% off coupon? Thanks!

Hope everyone has a great week!