A problem.

I have a fabric problem. I'm completely addicted. And you know the addiction runs very deep when you're on a buying ban, and you still manage to get a fix! Exibit A:

Fabric Score!

A good friend of mine was helping someone move who needed to get rid of two big garbage bags of fabric. Umm.. yes please!! And this was only some it!

Exibit B:

Pretty Fabric

Cate, my sister, wanted to buy me a gift for doing a lot of sewing for her new house... There's only one thing I want. More fabric!

I mean these Alexander Henry birdies?!? C'mon!


I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm going to be relishing my time this in the days to come as it looks like I may have (finally) lined up some work and will soon have much less time to sew. Working freelance is great in that it allows for full time sewing spurts, but it can be baaaad for the piggy bank. And working means being able to buy more fabric... why does it always come back to fabric??