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A huge improvement.

Had a great sewing weekend. Also got my sewing room reorganized. It had gotten a bit out of hand… My fabric stash had… erm… out grown it’s storage…

Messy Stash

Yes. I hang my head in messy stash shame.

But NOW…!

Organized stash

There’s even room to grow! Had to lose a small table to fit the new book shelves in, but it’s definitely worth it.    And after I did all of that… I sewed!


Why am I suddenly so obsessed??


Does this happen to everyone?

Um so…

I committed to pebble quilting the queen size hexagons…


I’m gonna be at this for a long, long time. Otherwise, my sewing space is in the middle of a complete overhaul.  Can’t wait to get it all organized again and show you all pictures!

Oh and there is a bunch of interest in a Los Angeles Modern Quilting Guild! 20 people or so already!  I’m working on organizing it along with Latifah, so more progress on it soon…

Hope that you all had great weekends!


Just a quick note (no sewing time these days!) to remind you all to watch Project Runway tonight at 10PM on Lifetime!!


Independently of my personal involvement, it’s just such a quality show about people with amazing skills.  We all can sew, but these people can SEW!