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Now normally I don’t just post kitties shots, but we had a particularly good photo shoot yesterday…



And because this is a quilting blog after all… Another little coin quilt in the sun.

Orange & Green Coin Quilt

I’m starting a new job today. That means my obsessive quilting will slow down. Some!

Monday morning.

My coffee is brewing so I’m taking the time to show you my latest finished quilt. The red & aqua is all done!

Red & Aqua Quilt

It’s much like my usual quilts – lots of white and wonky log cabins and as a result, I love it!

Red & Aqua Quilt - detail

One of my usual pieced backs:

Red & Aqua Quilt - back

I used some of the precious Paint by Number birds fabric. It’s too beautiful to hoard! It needs to be put in quilts.

Red & Aqua Quilt - Detail2

It’s 40″ x 50″ and for sale in my shop!

All done!

Hexagon Baby Quilt

It measures 40″ x 40″ – perfect for a baby quilt.

Hexagon Baby Quilt

I used the 4.5″ template from here. After sewing together the columns of hexagons, I off set them so that the color hexagons would be surrounded in white half hexagons.

Then, being inspired by this and this, I gave “pebble” quilting a shot. I’m super happy with the results!

Hexagon Baby Quilt - Quilting Detail

I think that it works well on a really simple quilt pattern, like this one, but would overwhelm a quilt top that is more involved. I do love it though and I’m certain to do it more on other quilts that I think it’ll work on.

Hexagon Baby Quilt - quilting detail

Boy does it use a lot of thread… 11 bobbins for this little baby quilt!

Just finished it up!

Red & Aqua Quilt top

Clearly my obsession with exploration of wonky log cabins & white space continues!

Red & Aqua Quilt top - close up

I never tire of this color combo.

Just a glimpse!

First off, thanks so much for all of your comments and kindness about my Hexagon quilt top!! Makes me so happy to hear that others like what I’m up to!

My mom’s been in town and it’s not very sociable to sit in front of your sewing machine all day, is it? As a result I’ve only worked on it a bit more and am about half way through quilting it.

Hex Quilting

At first I wasn’t sure if I was improving or ruining my quilt top – but when you take a step back and look at the big picture, this “pebble” quilting is great.  Hope to have more to show you in a couple of days!