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1 year!

I have been blogging for one year!  Well, I’m fudging a little… tomorrow it will be one year – but close enough!  In celebration, I’m having a little fabric giveaway!


A bunch of Wonderland charm squares and some fat quarters!!

Just leave me a comment and I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner on Monday morning.

Hope you all have wonderful weekends!

I’m going, are you?

Hey LA people… Let’s all go see this!  I might not be all wrapped up in the traditional quilting community (yet!) but the Indie Craft scene is a different story.  It was how I found my way to quilting so I’m all about supporting this film.


You can snag tickets here!  Just scroll down a bit…

Conversation continued…

Thanks so much for your comments on my last post about the Long Beach Quilt Festival!  Modern quilting’s place in the overall quilting world (industry, really…) is an interesting conversation.

From all of the comments, I have deduced the following:

We all shop almost exclusively online so therefore when fabric we like is in quilting shops, it doesn’t sell.  As a result, the shops decide not to carry it the next time around.  This leads to a vicious cycle and it keeps us online and isolated from the quilting world at large.

So, I’ve decide that any time I’m in a quilting shop I’m going to make a point of spending my money there.  Unfortunately  I don’t get to them often as I live in L.A., 10 minutes from a huge fabric (but not quilting) store that carries a lot of what I like.  I know that my few dollars here and there won’t make a difference, but I’m going to do it on principle.  Also, I’m going to consider submitting my quilts to shows & festivals.   I can’t complain about not being represented if I haven’t tried to be that representation myself, right?

Maybe if we all do this, it will make a difference over time?

Oh and the best thing about the festival?  I met JamieJulie, and Beth!   Oh, and I tried out a long arm for the first time… my sister had to hold me up I was so weak at the knees… I seriously covet a machine with a frame.

In quilting news, I’ve decided that the big hexagons are going to be a queen sized quilt.  So I’ve been cutting!

Cutting Hexagons

A couple of you asked how big they are… I made myself a 9″ template!  It’s going to sew up quickly once I find a minute to tackle it.

Guess what’s happening on Friday? A giveaway! It’s gonna be my one year blog-o-versary!

The Long Beach Quilt Festival

I went down to the Quilt Festival in Long Beach on Saturday.


I had a great time, but I have to say… we modern quilters are just not in the least represented there. At least not in what’s for sale… 450 booths and I spotted ONE YARD of Heather Ross. IN THE WHOLE PLACE! And it was HUGE.


Forgive the lousy photo but you’re looking at a convention center full of fabric – with only one yard of Heather Ross mixed in.

What do you all think? Do they not know we exist? Do we not go to these events enough for it to be financially worth it to vendors who do sell our style of stuff? This is an interesting topic for me seeing as clearly we are the next generation of quilters. Why aren’t they trying to appeal to us more? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

But I shouldn’t complain because I still scored with the loot and had a blast digging through all the bins and bins and bins of fabric! I got a lot that I’ve never seen before. There are pros to being exposed to the enormous quilting world you don’t know (read: the non-internet based one!).  And there were deals to be had… prices varied a lot, but overall, after searching through the place forever, I found some beautiful stuff.

Fat quarters:

Loot from Long Beach Quilt Festival

Yup! A bit of Flea Market Fancy!

The half yard and up bits:


The red Mingle was the only colorway I didn’t have and wanted.  And while you would think the fabric crazed ladies would be fighting me for it at $7.00 a yard… nope!  That was one of the good things about no one else in the place having my taste!

And I mean lil’ cowboys?!? How could I not…


Aside from the frenzied fabric shopping, there were some really beautiful quilts on display. Mostly very traditional, but also some that weren’t at all. I apologize for these horrid photos but I just had my little not so great camera… I linked to the artist’s site if I could find one.


Castle Wall by Trudy Kleinstein. My close ups of this came out fuzzy (found one here) but every tiny little “stone” you see is appliqued on there!! Amazing!


Leaves of Grass by Betty Amador – One of the handful of improv. pieced quilts.


Hospital Rising by Ginny Eckley


Red Owls by Karen Peirce

Overall I had a great time, but it sure did make me feel like they don’t know that all of us modern quilters are out here… Here’s hopin’ that changes soon!

More Hexagons!

But this time they are gonna be biiiig!

More hexagons!

So much faster this way.  I’m certain to be sewing these together this weekend. Oh and is anyone going to the Long Beach Quilt festival?  I might – depending on if I can pull myself away from the sewing machine….