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More fabric.

I didn’t buy any fabric at all on my trip. But I DID do some more shoppin’ on my computer and this turned up!

Stack of Fabric

Yes РI do realize that I used to blog about sewing and not just show you stacks of pretty fabric. Sorry about that.  It will change soon!



Meanwhile, I had joined in on Chaletgirl’s vintage sheet swap and check out what I got back. I scored!

Vintage Sheet Fat Quarters

I can’t wait to sew tons of quilts with all of this new fabric!

I’m back!

Finally! I’ve so missed blogging and sewing and all of you! Between the work trip and the job in general, I’ve not had a second to sit in front my sewing machine in almost three weeks. But this weekend we were reunited!

I have other projects going that I should have worked on, but I allowed myself to just have fun. I made some super girly quilt blocks.


And it lead to a girly baby quilt top!

Girly Baby Quilt top

Can’t wait to make the back, get it sandwiched, and quilt it. Oh it’s been so long since I’ve finished a quilt!!

On pause.

That’s what this blog will be until later this month! I’m leaving town later today for a bit and I know there will be no sewing done meanwhile. Fabric shopping might be a different story… Something that there’s been no lack of around here recently.

Fabric pile

Even managed to nab one yard of the precious latest Heather Ross.


And while my friends and family know and love me, it’s only you, my bloggyland friends who really “get” my fabric cravings. Proof: In an astonishingly kind gesture, Amanda Jean put a little birthday gift in the mail to me.

VW Vans

Yes. That’s right. You are seeing what you are seeing. VW Vans!!! A fat quarter of each and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I was all out and you all know just how hard it is to get your hands on this stuff these days! I’ve decided that I’m not cutting into until I’m making a baby quilt for MY baby. Who know when that will be, but the buses are going untouched until then! Thanks Amanda Jean!!

Meanwhile, I’m slowly, occasionally, adding a block to the wall.


Oh hi.

Block close up

Back in a couple of weeks…!

A couple more blocks

Only had time to get a couple of blocks done this weekend.  Spent most of the weekend shopping  as working on a show like Project Runway will make you paranoid about your outfit!!

The blocks for the first month of the 12 Squared bee.

12 Squared - May

It was so much fun to work with these bright and vibrant colors.

12 Squared - May

12 Squared - May

On a different note – my job takes me to Seattle later this week and then I head to NYC. I know I want to hit up Purl Soho, but anyone have any other recommendations of fabric or other fun stores that I can’t miss out on while I’m in either city??