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I mentioned Project Improv previously.  One of the only required things you have to do to be involved is to make one “log cabin-ish” quilt block.  All the blocks made are going to be assembled into quilts that will be donated to charity.

We were supposed to pick one colors scheme and I went with pink & orange.  But I found, as I was digging through my scraps, that I have scraps for all three options, so why not make three blocks?

The scraps all ready to be tuned into something pretty!

Three piles of scraps

And what they became!

Project Improv blocks

I realized a few things while making these blocks. 1) I love me some fussy cutting. 2) I don’t have nearly as many cool colored fabrics as I do warm. And 3) making blocks on the fly like this, with no pattern or measuring, is where I’m most at ease. I simply love to make wonky log cabins like this and it’s 100% in my comfort zone. That means that I’m not pushing myself to grow at all with these blocks. I need to figure out what that next step in improv piecing means for me… Hmm…

Been putting the many Christmas gift cards to very good use!! Oh how my family knows me and treats me well!

Some stash building:

Stash Building

Bought up a bunch of Katie Jump Rope with a focus on the fabrics that work so well for man & boy quilts.  I can find florals I love anywhere, but non-girly modern polka dots and plaids?  Much harder!   Otherwise everything in here was 50% off or simply a fabric that I have found I use all the time and I figured I’d snag another yard. Gift cards!  Why NOT spend every penny of them THIS SECOND??

And some new fabrics!


I love these robots like crazy for baby quilts so I got a lot of it with plans to make some baby quilts for an inventory.  This lady is determined to sell a few more quilts in 2009.  Only way to do that is to make some and build an inventory.  This fabric will work perfectly for boy or girl quilts!  I’m progressive – girls like robots too!

Edit: I should have mentioned, the rockets are by David Walker!

And lastly a bit of fabric that’s just for me and that I have no plans for yet.


Pretty right?? Those oranges are from one of Jay Carroll‘s new lines and I need to see them in person before I buy more.  I like all of the crazy animals, but I’m not certain about his colors until I see them in person…

And a quick thought about Lush… I love this fabric line.  Especially this one deer fabric.  And after reading on True Up about the fact that the the different fabrics in the line were cut down and very little was printed (have you noticed how already it is hard to find it?? I’m hording these two yards!) I was disappointed.  Uptown, Erin Michael’s wonderful previous line,  had SO MANY different fabrics in it and was so hugely varied.  I’ll be working away on a quilt and I’ll suddenly realize that I’ve paired two Uptown fabrics, having forgotten that they were from the same line.  (I like to challenge myself by not using two fabrics from the same line in a block.)  So I know that Erin Michael has it in her to come up with so many different beautiful fabrics.  I think that it’s a cryin’ shame that she wasn’t able to do this for Lush. Or rather, she was able but then it wasn’t printed… Seriously.  Moda, what were you thinkin’??

Ok enough about that. Time to get back to my sewing machine! Happy Thursday everyone!


I’ve always thought of that word relating to a bunch of people running around on a stage trying to be funny, but now it is ALSO about quilting for me!!

Jacquie started Project Improv and I’m so excited about it. I have thought tons and tons about taking quilting classes and I read loads about quilting, but I find that there’s not a lot out there about the style of quilting I’m drawn to. There’s some, but not nearly enough to satisfy me. This project that Jacquie is starting will definitely help with that. Sign up if you’re interested!

Here in LA it almost never feels like winter, but a bit of cooler weather (a low of 45 degrees! gasp!) has inspired me to make some blocks in what I think of as winter-ish colors. Orange probably isn’t but oh well. I can’t help it. I’m continually obsessed with orange.

I have been leisurely making the blocks my favorite way. One at a time, with no concern for straight lines or what size they end up…I’ll frame them all in white in the end. I just eyeball it the whole time and I do so enjoy it. It’s so much fun to just look at all of the fabrics and mix and match and enjoy the process.

But am I making blocks for one quilt?

Mixed Up

Or two quilts?


I’m thinking one, but I’m going to have to make some more blocks before I’m completely sure. And maybe some changes…